A few milk facts

Regardless whether you are steaming manually or operating a BARISSIMA


Always use high quality premium milk.  

You will get a wider bandwidth to adjust the perfect settings in your BARISSIMA.

It also provides a smooth and creamy taste with a texture - shiny as silk with no visible bubbles. In Australia and New Zealand the average milk content in a coffee is almost 90% - so go for quality - your customers will reward it by coming back


Milk contains almost 90% WATER - the rest are LACTOSE (Sugar - ideally 4-5 %)  PROTEINS ideally 3.3-4 % and FAT ideally 3.8-4.2 % 

In short you want to go for HIGH PROTEIN and HIGH FAT CONTENT - for your best results

Always check the used by date and store the milk as cold as possible - ideally at 2 - 4°C 

Do not heat or froth the milk higher than 60°C - 65°C degrees.  At 70° or higher the milk starts to disintegrate as lactose and fat starts to burn and the protein falls apart.  The milk will lose its smooth and creamy taste.

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