Barissima 2
Milk Bar
Barissima 2
Barissima 1

The BARISSIMA 2 - is the new generation milk frother. It can produce up to 35 Liters per hour. The machine measures only 100 mm in width and is ideal where space is crucial. It can supply 2 different types of milk, cold milk and cold milk froth - combined with various froth textures on demand.

Fully automated cleaning program. Digital adjustment of froth - no need to adjust anything manually. The BARISSIMA 2 is available in 2 versions. The stand-alone version „Solo“and the under counter version „Milk Bar“. 

The BARISSIMA 1 is the work horse for high demand. It can produce up to 60 liters /hour with high accuracy and consistency. The large in-built coil heat exchanger delivers the temperature you require for any milk volume. Fully automated cleaning program and digital adjustment of froth - no need to adjust anything manually. Pre-program your favourite latte - and sell more coffee.

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