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The Barissima's are the worlds most sophisticated milk frother and dispensers. It can produce hot milk, hot milk froth, cold milk and cold milk froth at a touch of a button. The Barissima's can produce up to 60 liters/hour. 
Frothing settings are done digitally - no need to adjust anything manually. 

Beat the queues and sell more coffee - the Barissima allows you to deliver Latte's and Cappuccinos 3 times faster as it bypasses the steaming process yet the coffee making process remains unchanged. Made for high volume demand during peak hours in your coffee shop or at festivals, concerts, sporting events, functions or coffee to go.  



The BARISSIMA frothing system is unique when it comes to MILK FROTH ON DEMAND.  Its TEXTURE reaches Barista level and can produce up to 60 liters hour. Only high quality European components have been chosen to guarantee its unsurpassed reliability and consistency.  



A team of  European developers all coffee specialists and milk experts with many years of xperience - created this unique product for professionals to address the high volume coffee market.  Various textures on demand, 2 types of milks on demand, cold milk and cold milk froth on demand.  Its the milk 2.0


The Barissima is made for the high volume coffee market. It bypasses the steaming process and  allows to supply  lattes and cappuccinos  

up to 3 times faster with absolute consitsency in termperature and texture.  Great for busy coffee shops, festivals, concerts, evennts. It  works perfectly with Milk Bladders