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The Barissima, made in Austria with European quality components, is a hand-built machine that delivers perfectly textured milk instantly with precision and speed at the touch of a button. It is designed to produce significant volumes, making it the ideal machine for the high demands in Australia.


The Barissima maintains a consistent temperature and texture, even during peak hours, ensuring uniform quality. It never drops in temperature and has pre-set options for producing a frothy Babycino at 50°C and a latte at 72°C, with adjustable froth and temperature on demand - per button. This reduces staff training time and ensures consistent quality across all shifts, regardless of the operator.


Cafes often rely on the efficiency of a Dual Milk Barissima to prepare orders with both full cream and skim milk, resulting in a significant boost in output speed 


The Barissima is an extra tool for baristas that eliminates the need for milk steaming, reducing waiting time. This allows the staff to focus on enhancing the quality of espresso shots, crafting stunning latte art, and providing superior customer service, resulting in increased coffee sales during peak hours.


The Barissima employs a unique technique of milk aeration using a minimal amount of air, as opposed to the conventional method of steaming milk that adds water to it. This results in a richer and creamier milk flavor, enhancing the overall taste experience.


During the current economic climate, purchasing a Barissima can be advantageous. It allows for precise control over dosages, temperature, and texture, which can increase output by up to 50% (depending on your setup) and reduce milk waste by up to 25%. Moreover, the cost of a Barissima is only about half of a staff member's salary.


The Barissima is the perfect addition to your espresso machine setup! Its compact benchtop design (smallest footprint currently on the market) and height make it a seamless fit with almost any machine on the market. It runs completely independent from the Coffee machine and it sources textured milk on-demand from your existing refrigeration units and can pump it from up to 2 meters away. And if that's not enough, it can even be connected to 10 liter milk bladders. Get ready to take your coffee game to the next level with the amazing Barissima!


The Barissima machine is unique in that it doesn't need undercounter space, which means more room for milk storage. Coffee shops often struggle with limited undercounter space, but having enough milk storage is essential for optimal automated system performance. It's crucial to prioritize milk storage and avoid machines that could impede your operations. With ample milk storage, milk handling is reduced, allowing the barista to focus on selling more coffee.


The Barissima system is equipped with a sophisticated and precisely timed rinse and flushing cycle for both the frothing head and the entire system, thanks to its water and drain connection. This feature ensures optimal hygiene and performance of the machine, which is of utmost in the food and beverage industry. Moreover, the simplified automated daily cleaning cycle, combined with reminders for cleaning and descaling, enhances the overall convenience of the cleaning process for the operator, thereby increasing efficiency and productivity.


We are proud to offer a wide range of financing options for the Barissima starting at only $15.00* per day, through our partnerships with esteemed finance companies in Australia. This affordable pricing allows you to recoup the daily finance cost of the Barissima by selling just 3 to 5 coffees per day.

(*Subject to approval and conditions of each finance company apply.)

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