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 The Barissima machine significantly enhances your coffee sales without increasing staff numbers. Watch the video in  real-time, uncut side-by-side comparison of a Barista producing 6 lattes.

This demonstration highlights the substantial speed improvement achievable with the Barissima.

Time Savings:

  • Manual method: 3 minutes 33 seconds (213 seconds) for 6 lattes

  • Automatic method: 2 minutes 13 seconds (133 seconds) for 6 lattes

  • Time saved per 6 lattes: 80 seconds


If a coffee shop sells 300 cups per day, the total time saved is 4000 seconds or approximately 66.67 minutes. This represents a 60.36% increase in latte production speed, allowing the coffee shop to serve more customers during peak hours and reduce wait times.​​​​​​​​


Milk-Setup in Fridge (DualMilk)_edited.j

Precise Portioning

  • A Barissima dispenses exact amounts of milk for each drink, reducing overpouring.

  • Programmable settings ensure consistent milk-to-coffee ratios across different drink sizes.

Reduced Waste

  • Less milk is wasted due to precise measurements and reduced spillage.

  • Automated systems can help track milk usage, allowing for better inventory management.

Temperature Control

  • Consistent milk temperature reduces the likelihood of scalded or wasted milk.

Dual Milk Option

  • The Dual milk Option of the Barissimia can leads to more efficiency with less handling. 

Reduced Training and Operating Waste

  • New staff require less training time on milk steaming, reducing milk wasted during the learning process. Less skilled staff can be hired. 

  • Consistent results mean less milk is used in remaking drinks due to errors.

Optimized Milk Storage

Pumping the milk from high volume storages such as containers and milk bladders is reducing the need for frequent milk transfers. A Barissima doesn't need any underbench space. Your available space can be fully used for maximum milk storage volume. 
This also minimises spillage and contamination risks associated with manual handling.

A Barissima machine significantly reduces milk usage due to its pre-programmed, precise dispensing of milk for each drink. Over time, it can save up to 25% of the milk typically used. In a busy coffee shop that uses about 60 liters of milk daily, this could translate to annual milk savings of $5,000 or more.



Improved Customer Satisfaction

  • Shorter wait times lead to happier customers who are more likely to return

  • Customers value their time and appreciate efficient service, especially during busy morning and lunch rush

  • Reduced frustration and stress for customers who are often in a hurry to get their coffee.

Increased Sales and Revenue

  • Faster service allows coffee shops to serve more customers during peak hours

  • Shorter queues can attract more customers who might otherwise avoid a busy shop

Enhanced Operational Efficiency

  • Streamlined processes reduce pressure on staff during rush hours

  • Improved workflow allows baristas to manage time and inventory better

  • More efficient operations can lead to reduced labor costs.

Better Resource Allocation

  • Staff can focus on preparing drinks rather than managing long queues

  • Allows for more time to be spent on customer service and maintaining cleanliness.

Competitive Advantage

  • Faster service can differentiate a coffee shop from competitors

  • Attracts time-sensitive customers who prioritize quick service.

Improved Brand Perception

  • Efficient service contributes to a positive brand image.

  • Customers associate the brand with convenience and respect for their time.

Reduced Order Abandonment

  • Shorter queues mean fewer customers will leave without making a purchase due to long wait times

Enhanced Customer Loyalty

  • Consistent, quick service encourages repeat visits and builds customer loyalty

  • Loyalty programs become more effective when customers can easily and quickly make purchases

Improved Staff Morale

  • Reduced pressure during peak times can lead to less stressed and more satisfied employees.

  • Happier staff often translates to better customer service.


By automating the milk texturing process, the Barissima reduces the physical strain on both baristas and coffee machines. This eliminates the need for lock-in time during steaming, freeing up baristas to concentrate on providing excellent customer service and preparing delicious plant-based coffee.

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