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Financing the Barissima BA3 Milk System is a smart move in today's economic climate, making it almost a no-brainer for managing cash flow amid rising living costs. This approach offers low initial outlay and affordable monthly payments, allowing businesses to access cutting-edge technology without straining their finances. Tax benefits from deductible payments and the opportunity to build business credit add to its appeal. With predictable expenses and flexible payment plans, financing the Barissima BA3 enables businesses to enhance operations and stay competitive while maintaining financial stability. It's a strategic choice for those looking to optimize their resources in challenging economic times.


Based on a 48 month term


Barissima BA3 – Single Milk 

- monthly payments of $424.93 inc GST

- Daily cost $14.16 inc GST  -

- or sell 3.15 cups per day at $4.50 a cup*


Barissima BA3 – DUAL MILK  

- monthly payments of $487.89 inc GST

- Daily cost  $16.26 inc GST - 

- or sell 3.61 cups per day at $4.50 a cup*

*Subject to approvals - terms and conditions apply

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